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Detailed Miniatures


[contact address provided]  Kings Hill, Kent

 01732 521474
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30th November 2019


Catalogue: online catalogue only
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm,

Detailed Miniatures supply professionally painted white metal and resin figures in O gauge, 7mm scale, principally for model railway enthusiasts.

All figures are prepared to the specification as described below.
We realise that there is a growing demand to populate locomotives, rolling stock, platforms and scenery with realistic figures and scenes depicting everyday railway life, whilst understanding that many have neither the time, materials, ability or indeed the eyesight (!!) to paint commercially available figures to a standard with which they are satisfied.
Figures produced by Detailed Miniatures are obtained from leading suppliers, such as S&D Models, Border Miniatures, and Andrew Stadden.
We are also now pleased to be stocking the new resin figures from Modelu3d, which are scanned from actual human models and printed using a 3D printing process for absolute accuracy in detail and scale. We are stocking increasing numbers of these printed resin scans as additional ideas become available, some of which will be replacing the white metal examples we offer.
Prior to assembly where necessary, the figures are cleaned of casting marks and flash as far as practicable, before being rigorously cleaned to remove any chemicals used during the manufacture. Each figure receives an enamel matt primer, before being painted in acrylics utilising a blending and layering process to achieve authentic highlights, lowlights and shading, before two coats of a quality matt varnish are applied.
Stock painted 'ready to go' is changing constantly. Please see the various pages on our website to view examples of our painted work and pricing, which we believe to be very competitive. The resin figures are more expensive for us to buy, and more demanding to prepare and assemble, but do afford a very high level of detail when complete.
Please contact us with your requirements, in the knowledge that you will receive a reasonably priced, personal service - We are proud to show a small selection of the many positive comments we have received on our 'Testimonials' page.
International orders welcome - Postage at cost - See our Ordering page.

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