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15th April 2020


Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm,

This is different concept in the presentation of scale model vehicles. Instead of the high level of detail usual in the die cast ranges, these models present the vehicles in their basic form. All are made to the standard collector's scale of 1/43 each model carries a serial number and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. They have been described in different ways, such as sculptures or being like the original clay model that the vehicle manufacturers make as part of their development

The idea started because I wanted a model of a special (full size) supercar that I was working on. The scale was decided by the availability of models of comparative subjects.

It quickly became apparent that to try to achieve die cast levels of detail within the limitations of domestic model making would be too time consuming. Therefore the idea of capturing just the raw shape of the car was born.

As the body started to take shape, the wheels were the next problem. Proprietary wheels would not fit with the simplistic approach of the body. So, the wheels and tyres had to follow the same simplistic approach. The wheels and tyres should be made as separate parts, the wheel centres being simplified to the swept shape of the wheel while the tyres were reduced to simple rings to an appropriate section.

The Essence of the Car is a low key operation. All of the master models are made in house by hand. When those are complete, the necessary moulds are made, again in house, and any production can begin. All of the models are then finished by hand.
Whilst the process has its limitations, it is being continually developed to widen the scope of subjects that can be modelled. Examples developed earlier included thin sections such as tail fins, open pickup truck bodies and separate chassis and axle detail where these are an important part of 'The Essence of the Car'. More recent developments have been the inclusion of separate cycle type mudguards made as part of the tyre and the manufacture of full sweep mudguards and running boards which involves laying up fibreglass tissue into a mould. I have now developed a method of producing the basic interior of open top cars and have also developed the system of using wire armatures for slender elements of the cars.

From that modest beginning, I now have a range of 87 models, the latest being Volvo P1900, Mg EX127, MG EX135 and Lotus Esprit Turbo. The number of new subjects per year depends on ideas for new ones, but currently, there are more subjects in the pipeline even though most models only get to 2 or 3 off, but I have fun doing them and it is mainly a hobby after all. My range caters for individual one off buyers, private collections and specialist collecting groups. In addition, because of the simplicity of the process, I am able to accept private commissions. I find subjects in various ways. Via the internet, in books and periodicals. When I discover a likely subject, I first try to match it with any of my current client base. I have been known to float the idea on the appropriate Facebook pages. Another way forward is to complete the master and photograph it mocked up with its wheels etc. And offer it that way. I also accept the occasional commission. Classic car clubs tend not to be interested. I do have a quite extensive range of experimental cars.
A recent model, MG EX135, came about because of an e-Mail with a client who is interested in such cars. Research for this also found me one of the next models, also an MG.
The main challenge is trying to find suitable 3 View drawings. When this proves to be fruitless, I then have to work with a combination of a good side view photograph, a set of principal dimensions and more photographs taken from as many angles as I can find. The shapes of older cars are not usually a great challenge compared to more modern ones.
A recent development has been my collaboration with the German publisher of a yearbook devoted to 1/43 scale vehicles. My models have featured in two editions, the first which was 2016/2017 and the latest 2017/2018. It is titled: Modellauto-Jahrbuch (ModelCar-Yearbook) published by TIM Verlag.
I am sorry to report that the Modellauto-Jahrbuch (ModelCar-Yearbook) published by TIM Verlag publication has ceased after only 3 editions.
However, the Essence of the Car is still going strong with an ever increasing range usually about 3 models per year. However, growth is at a reduced rate due to the current virus situation.
One major development, the Essence of the Car is now an official sponsor of a new Concours d Elegance centred on Lugano in Switzerland,and organised by the local Lions Club. My involvement with this has led me to create a new logo for the Essence of the Car, although it has't been fully rolled out yet. The 2020 Concours has, sadly, been cancelled due to the virus but it will be back next year.
The model range is also presented on a USA website.

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