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M V L Bridges


[contact address provided]  Houghton-le-spring, Durham

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5th August 2020


Catalogue: online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm, 10mm, Large, Narrow Gauge

MVL Bridges is a one-man operation specialising in the supply of sturdy model bridges constructed from small size aluminium sections. Although not based on any specific examples the bridges are intended for scenic garden railways and are suited to a range of narrow and standard scales. Models are offered in bespoke sizes and in a range of standard lengths. We are continually developing new designs which will bring that sense of character and individuality to the miniature line

Most railways require a bridge at some point. From simple spans crossing tiny streams to immense lofty viaducts, railway builders have tackled these obstacles with imagination and ingenuity
Although a basic range of designs have proved to be successful and can be seen all around the world, narrow gauge practice has often been a little more individual.
We aim to offer elements of standard gauge full size practice and narrow gauge individuality.

Many of our bridges are aimed at the British narrow gauge scene but they are equally suited to O Gauge and Gauge 1 standard gauge railways. They are not meant to be representations of particular bridges either full size or miniature. As far as possible however, we look out for suitable full size prototypes on which to base our designs. The general dimensions and construction methods make the models well suited for the outdoor line in a range of gauges and scales, SM32, 16mmNG, 7/8th scale, 0 Gauge, Gauge 1, G Scale and possibly Gauge 3.

Our bridges are carefully constructed using several different aluminium sections: T section, angle, channel, sheet and bar. They offer more in terms of quality, finish, character and strength than others supplied via the internet.

Each bridge is individually made by hand. It is supplied in its bare metal state and can be left to weather naturally or you can prime and paint it. Note we don't supply it highly polished! It bears minor scratches and scuffs from the process of construction which certainly do not detract from the appearance of the bridge.

Longitudinal plates are placed at a suitable distance to support 32mm and 45mm gauge track. The bridge does not include any decking but you could easily add your own wooden planking or a zinc diamond pattern grid. The length of the bridge allows it to be supported by the end 10-20mm of the beams.

The stainless steel wire rails on some models are close to scale and are loosely threaded through the parapet posts.

We have several standard lengths but most of the bridges we build are constructed to specified lengths for their intended location.

Our website offers a comprehensive description of our products with extensive illustrations.
We have been in business since 2009 and have supplied in excess of 400 bridges to satisfied customers in the UK, Europe and across the world
Please note that as a very small business with a highly sought after product, production is limited. Therefore to avoid an excessive waiting list and unhappy customers we may occasionally stop taking new orders until the workload has become manageable.

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