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Little Bus Company


2 Brookside Cottages,  Barlow,  Dronfield, Derbyshire  S18 7TB

 01246 230468
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5th November 2020


Catalogue: SAE
Scales: 4mm,

Resin model bus kit manufacturer since 1995

Little Bus Company started producing resin model kits in 1994 with the Bedford OB Beadle.
The aim was to make a quality product consisting of as few parts as possible offering a body
In one or two part plus seating units and a few accessories. These included wheels, axles,
Steering wheel and radiator as required.
Single deckers were reasonably easy to produce and so it turned out were double decks by
Using the single deck method with seats on the roof and an additional top deck casting.
Technology has progressively improved the resins giving better definition, the wheels are
Injection moulded with a push fittings and some parts are machined for a more accurate result.
Master building and resin manufacturing is a slow process so to allow for this the kits are usually announced up to 2 years in advance and then produced at regular intervals within this time.
The release order may change depending on the construction time required
All kits are produced to cover pre-Order levels at the time of production plus a limited surplus
And as a result some may be already sold out on the date of release or soon after.
Pre-Ordering is therefore essential to avoid disappointment and although some kits may be re-Issued and can be soon after, years later or not at all depending on interest and demand
No payment is required until the kit is available and you may cancel at any time
If you change your mind.
Paint adhesives and transfers are not supplied as this is a matter of personal choice

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