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STUMP CITY  - A logging layout in HOn3

In the 20s and 30s in the last century there were even vaster forests than there are now in the United States.  Many companies were set up to harvest this bounty needed for furniture in the big cities across America, and the Stump City Lumber Company was one of the most successful.

In Colorado they built their twin saw mills with small camps for the use of the lumberjacks and mill workers.  In the beginning logs were hauled away with oxen. Then came heavy horses and as the business grew the bosses threw down narrow gauge rails and brought in the iron horses.  Beautiful, noisy, heavy and very effective were the Shays, Climaxes, Heislers, C16s, K27 and logging Mallets along with Porters, even though occasionally sparks belching out from their busy chimneys set trees alight! Later the Galloping Goose was also brought in with tourists to boost funds and to carry mail and provisions.

All buildings have been built as they would have been, with joists and rafters etc. with tiny scale planks which have been weathered and distressed.  Some have been left open for you to see.  The main sawmill and its surrounding buildings were built using over a quarter of a mile of scale cut strip timber.

The trains can run automatically, but are normally controlled manually.

The name Stump City came from the lack of trees around the sawmill and is a result of all the available trees being cut down for lumber and the logging camp being built adjacent to the mill to house the mill workers. All the buildings are built using the board on board construction mostly from Sierra West's kits.

The track is HOn3 (10.5mm).

The buildings and scenery are to a scale of 3.5mm to the foot.

Goose No 5 outside the Machine Shop

The Boiler House

The Water Tower

 General View

The Hoist Car

One of Stump City's Heislers

A logging Mallet waiting to proceed

A long shot of the layout

The diesel pulls the repair wagon

A Shay leaves with a load of cut timber

A K27 passing the freight house 

The work train C16 outside Quincys scrapyard