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FOSS LANDING  - A layout in HOn3 & HOn3

Foss Landing is an exercise to include what impresses us most in some layouts: mountains, impressive trestles carrying hi-line trains, waterfall, small fishing village with boats and a quay onto a river.  To that end our story is that trams (modified Backmann HO San Francisco cable cars) run through the mountains to connect up with Stump City.  These operate automatically in sequence, one of a fleet of three.  The high-line locos run around the coast up in the mountains.

Unlike our previous layout Stump City, a new form of construction has been attempted.  Solid styroform and liquid foam have been used extensively in the construction, both for lightness and considerable strength, these types of foam being almost indestructible.  The track has been laid on plywood, adhered to the foam with suitable glue.

All the buildings are built using the board on board construction mostly from Sierra West's kits. The high line track is HOn3 and the tramway being HOn30 ( 9mm) track.

The buildings and scenery are to a scale of 3.5mm to the foot.


A Mattel crossing the high trestle  General shot
The Village friendly house  Another view of the village 
The building of Foss using Styrofoam The harbour dredger at work
A general shot across the layout A goose on the highline
The ply frame taking shape The Woodcutters shack