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Precision Ice and Snow


7 Meadow Cottages,  Moors Avenue,  Hartlebury, Worcestershire  DY11 7YL

Telephone: 01299 251497  Mobile: 07505 454055
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16th December 2019


Catalogue: online
Worldwide Export: Yes

Correct scale and texture superior winter effects materials for all scales and genres of transport, buildings, figures,layouts and dioramas

Precision Ice and Snow products are designed to be used on all scale models. Model trains, armour, tanks, aircraft, cars, other vehicles and dioramas. In fact wherever you are modelling scale winter scenes, we can supply precision products for you. We supply materials to create scale model ice and scale model snow for effects when detail and precision are important on the most detailed and exacting projects.

That is why our products are different to others. It is possible to photograph your work at tiny scales and see 100% realistic results. So if you were looking for model ice and model snow for scale models and dioramas you have come to the right place.

Modellers use our winter effects products to create an atmospheric landscape. You can create snow, slush, ice and frost on layouts, dioramas and bases and even add a light coating of translucent snow that does not cover over your careful work on actual model trains. Br>

Precision Ice and Snow products are not 'toy' or 'craft' products. They are designed to be used by those who take their scale modelling very seriously and want nothing but the best results.

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