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Locoman Sounds


Lower Beardshaw Head Farm,  Burnley Road,  Trawden, Lancashire  BB8 8PP

   07860 836624
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18th July 2017


Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 2mm, 4mm,

We pride ourselves in offering the hi-fi convincing steam train noises supplied on DCC sound decoders for your favourite loco. The superior quality of these steam sounds will impress. Our sound decoders are the best available. These model steam trains sound products will chime with those loving our British steam heritage. We have a renowned profile in the scale rail communities for the way we record these locos. Please listen to the samples and videos on our website.

We have a deep lifelong obsession with scale locos and their layouts. We went on a mission travelling nationally recording authentic locos in situ. We use the finest multi channel recording equipment available. The obsession to detail is apparent when hearing the model locomotives fitted with these sound chips chuffing their way through stations and track. Our decoders will make your heart sing while you enjoy the supreme authenticity that they bring to your past time. They will take you back to that era where steam and coal were kings. In that age where these beasts of burden were the backbone of the country's transport infrastructure. Our like-minded friend Legoman Biffo chose to concentrate on making a supremely impressive set of audio decoders for Diesel locos. We hit his mark of quality but go back further into the atmospheric steam age.

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