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Peak Dale Products Ltd


Dale Road Peak Dale,  Peak Dale,  Buxton, Derbyshire  SK17 8BR

 01298 78447   07890200662
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23rd July 2018


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Model makers love our hobby products, only sold through UK retailers, never direct. Our range for model makers includes cork, polystyrene, copper, brass, pewter, aluminium, felt, wood, plywood, MDF and 3000 other items. We manufacture our own products and sell in convenient retail packs. Low minimum order of £25 with £150 for carriage free. Friendly family firm.

Peak Dale Products Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesaler of craft and hobby products based in the beautiful High Peak area of Derbyshire, in the UK.

Keen crafters for years and formerly part of a large craft retailing family firm, we have developed Peak Dale Products to sell quality craft and hobby products directly to retailers, manufacturers and volume buyers. We don't sell to the general public and don't have any retail space or Online shops of our own. All our efforts are to help make CRAFT AND HOBBY RETAILERS as successful as possible by providing superb products at very competitive, closely monitored prices.

In business independently since 2010, Graham and I between us have over 70 years experience in the craft industry. Graham spent over 30 years in the family firm and was taken into work as a youngster, 'by my Dad when I was THIS high' - holding his hand somewhere near his knee! We are joined by our son Dan and occasionally our daughter Leila as well as Ken, Bill, Becca, Lynn and Bernie, who is Graham's sister-in-law!

We chose our location to be central in the UK and close to the homes of the people with whom we've worked for years and years; it is also very beautiful here. The spa town of Buxton is famous for its water and for its superb Opera House, home to the annual Buxton Festival.

We love to hear from customers and find out what crafters use our products for! This year, we set up a Craft Panel to get feedback from retailers and end-users about our development of products and other topics such as our new website (this one!), emerging trends and pricing suggestions. Members of our panel answer occasional questions and and make suggestions.

Thanks for reading about us - we hope you enjoy browsing our site and look forward to helping you be a successful partner.

Julie Aldous

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