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W^D Models

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Pen-Y-Bryn,  2 Penrhos Drive,  Bangor, Gwynedd  LL57 2AZ

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9th November 2015


Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 4mm, Narrow Gauge

Specialist supplier of 4mm (1/76th) scale models and accessories for the First Word War.

W^D Models specialises in producing models for the First World War period. We are modellers with an interest in the period and have introduced kits, figurez and accessories that we feel fill a gap for our own needs and those of others.

Our range includes narrow gauge War Department Light Railway wagons in 4mm scale suitable for OO9. We have a large range of figures in 1/76th (4mm) scale for British, American, French and German soldiers and personnel in various action and relaxed poses.

We also produce a number of kits of armoured cars, artillery and horse drawn vehicles for the War Department.

In addition, we have a growing range of accessories to accompany our figures and vehicles, including shells, ammunition boxes, wagon loads and barbed wire. We also have a small range of transfers for the various vehicles in our range, including WDLR markings for our railway wagons.

As railway modellers, we are aware of the high level of detail that is possible in 4mm (1/76th) scale models and always aim to provide quality in our products. We always use the best materials and our kits and figures feature cast resin, white metal, etched brass and nickel silver as appropriate.

Please check our website for details and photographs of our products and a gallery of models and dioramas built by our customers and friends. We also try to publish as many of our instruction sheets on the website so that you can see the various kit parts and the work involved before you decide to buy.

We aim to release a number of new kits and figures throughout the year so please also visit our site regularly for news and announcements of upcoming releases.

Please note, we are MAIL ORDER only, no personal callers.

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