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Model Engineers Laser


Miller House,  Main Street,  Hampole, South Yorkshire  DN6 7ET

Telephone: 01302721611
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6th May 2017



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Catalogue: on line
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm, 10mm, Large, Narrow Gauge

Laser and water jet cut parts for locomotives (7mm up to full size) and traction engines. Mainly for live steam but electric models also catered for. Bespoke work to your cad drawings.

I started this service on retiring, I was only 52 and needed something to do, I did not realise just how popular it would be. I could spend eight days a week on it and still not keep up with demand. I export as far as Tasmania so unless I get Mr A Penguin building a Simplex that is as far as I can go. I supply around 20, 000 components annually. Currently there are over 16, 000 different parts to choose from on the web site. The most popular scale is 5" to the foot but I do everything from 7mm up to full size. I have some of my own designs, mainly in Gauge 1, these are live steam with proper Walschaerts valve gear, fully radio controlled.

I do bespoke parts to your CAD drawings. I do not have the time to convert your drawings into CAD.

Materials available are steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, wood. perspex and acrylic. All materials are in metric thicknesses.

Kits with tabbed and slotted construction are available for popular models, Simplex, SpringBok, Black 5 etc. These are detailed on the site. I also TIG weld the frames for my Gauge 1 locomotive designs.

Orders are best placed through the e mail on the web site. The latter is not sophisticated, but it was cheap and fulfils a purpose. You can cut and paste onto your e mail from the web page. If you want to phone card details through the number is 01302 337772, I then take the payment when the goods are ready for dispatch, it normally takes 2-3 weeks to get laser cut parts done. Water jet can be 2-3 months.

I am a one man band and the business will have to close on 31st Dec 2010, we get our state pensions then and I will be paying it all back in tax.

Malcolm High
May 2017

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