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Elite Baseboards

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[contact address provided]  Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Telephone: 01452 720599
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8th December 2015


Worldwide Export: Yes
Services offered by this Supplier: Kit Building & Dioramas, Layout Building Services,

We have been building modular baseboards for our club members for over 10 years, and have designed this system to solve the problems many people come across. The Elite Baseboards modular system has been developed for the purpose of displaying model railway layouts on, but can be used just as comfortably by modellers of all persuasions. In collaboration with Military modellers, Architects, Slot Car Racing and Exhibition stand users to refine this product to suit many needs.

So what is in our Elite Baseboards � modular system? We have a variety of products to suit many different uses, This includes the products listed below.

Elite Baseboard Measurements Depth/Width/Height in Millimeters
EB 600/1200/130
EB 600/900/130
EB 600/600/130
EB 450/1200/130
EB 450/900/130
EB 450/600/130
EB 600/1200/260
EB 600/900/260
EB 600/600/260
EB 450/1200/260
EB 450/900/260
EB 450/600/260

All of our modules come with tops, which can be simply removed if an open structure is required. The top is designed to tie all the sides squarely together, we are more than happy to replace the top with bracing in the corners of the boards to square the structures up.
In addition to the high quality Elite Baseboards � modular system is our tailor made solution. Made to be fully compatible with the modular system, our engineers will bespoke tailor boards to your needs, with any wood/stain/paint finish you require. This premium service includes all the design, manufacture and installation of the complete product, with all the value you can expect from our modular system.

We also supply finished 3mm ply boards to cover the faces of all our products either modular or bespoke, designed to complement any display the facias can be either added to our modular system, with some extra height for a lip or to finish scenery off. Also bespoke tailored finishes to suit the height you need can be engineered too, these are listed below.

EB 3/1200/200 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light Oak Wood Unfinished
EB 3/900/200 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished
EB 3/600/200 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished
EB 3/450/200 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished
EB 3/1200/330 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished
EB 3/900/330 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished
EB 3/600/330 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished
EB 3/450/330 Birch/Teak/Dark Oak/Light OakWood Unfinished

We hope you have enjoyed learning about our modular system and the bespoke systems we can provide, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help in choosing your perfect system, and move onto a brighter modelling future with quality engineered baseboards.

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