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Snapshot: Quainton Road Models


Tel: 01566 880157
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Quainton Road Models


[contact address provided]  Launceston, Cornwall

Telephone: 01566 880157
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7th January 2019


Catalogue: refer to web site.
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm,

Quainton Road Models produce 7mm scale kits for the Great Central Railway and the Metropolitan Railway. (Some of the prototypes were in use into LNER and BR days). Kit components are etched brass or nickel-silver, laser-cut MDF or resin castings, with whitemetal and lost-wax brass and other mouldings. Illustrated instructions are included. I no longer attend exhibitions and shows as a trader, so please make contact via the links provided here. (G0G and GCRS Member)

Current and planned products:
All prices include UK shipping.
GCR 5-plank open wagon dia 8 £45.00
GCR/LNER 6-wheel 31' Fish Van dia 49 £90.00
MS&LR/CLC/GCR/LNER 6-wheel 29' Passenger Brake Vans dia 2A16 and 2A17 £90.00 each
MS&LR/CLC/GCR/LNER 6-wheel 31' 5-compartment 3rd diagram 2B8 £90.00
GCR/LNER Bogie 45' Fish Van dia 50/50A
A range of whitemetal castings for Metropolitan Railway wagon springs/axleboxes and sprung buffers.
Add-on detailing kits, including running number plates, for S&T Wagon Works resin kits
My 6-wheel kits have compensated Cleminson running gear with the underframe and body constructed as independent units.
4-wheel kits usually have axle compensation.
Kits include appropriate whitemetal and lost-wax brass castings, but not wheels. I can supply 6-wheel, 3-axle packs with brass inside bearings - these packs include Slater's 3'-7' Mansell wheelsets.

Some of the future kits to be released will be re-designed and re-mastered versions of the sides and ends etches I offered in the 1990s but these will available as complete kits. The range includes these MS&LR/GCR/LNER 6-wheel coaches:
34' Brake 3rd diagram 2A16
34' Brake 3rd diagram 2A17
32' 4-compartment 1st diagram 2Q2
32' Luggage composite diagram 2K2A

Earlier Metropolitan Railway kits released in the 1990's and no longer available:
Class H 4-4-4T locomotive
Earlier Metropolitan Railway kits released in the 1990's to be upgraded and reintroduced:
10 ton goods van 12-6 wheelbase
10 ton goods van 10-6 wheelbase
6 ton 2-plank dropside wagon
10 ton highsided goods wagon
10 ton lowsided goods wagon
Weighing machine/tool van

For 4mm (Only) I have obtained a number of the GCR transfers previously produced by R&E Models. They cover wagons, passenger vehicles and some locomotive lettering and crests. Images and prices are on my website.

About me: My name is David Howes.
As a modeller, starting with Hornby-Dublo 3-rail in the 1950s, I always wanted to re-create some small part of the history of the area in which I grew up. This was not a personal nostalgia, as I had no first hand recollections of many of the subjects I wished to portray. The major influence that first the Great Central Railway's London Extension and later the growth of Metro-Land had on the countryside close to my youthful years in Buckinghamshire, provided the basis of my interest.
But I was somewhat thwarted. As we moved into the early 1990s where were all the kits for the GCR and Met? (Actually today the GCR is well served with locomotive kits). Turning this apparent setback into opportunity, Quainton Road Models was established as a hobby venture - the name taken from the junction station of the two railways of primary interest.

I traded during the 1990s, but then moved abroad. I'm now spending more time in the UK, and hope to revive Quainton Road Models as a brand associated with the Great Central and Metropolitan.

So I hope you will be able to enjoy my efforts to record something of our railway heritage.

One day I will set to and start to work on my own model of Quainton Road itself!

In the meantime this part-time, one-man operation will do its best to provide the kits and bits that you need to model the railways in which we share in interest. So do let me know what you want, particularly if it has a Great Central or Metropolitan connection.

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