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Kent Panel Controls


[contact address provided]  Workington, Cumbria

Telephone: 01900 604527
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28th January 2017


In 2008 Kent panel Controls was owned by Julian Holland who passed away after an accident. The business closed down. Julian was the second owner to use the name KPC and the original partnership who started the company in 1970 decided to resurrect KPC controllers and manufacture began again in 2010. Production was moved to Carlisle the following year but the floods soon after almost killed the business overnight. Production of KPC controllers is on hold until further notice.

When Kent panel Controls was reborn in 2010 a newer design was incorporated into the then current production model and distinguish it from controllers sold by Julian Holland the range got new model numbers and this was great for a while.

Everything was running smoothly and production began to increase until Carlisle was hit by floods and production had to be put on hold and unfortunately it has been on hold since then.

The original designer of the KPC feedback controllers felt he had a duty to provide a service to owners of KPC feedback controllers to repair any controller sold from 2010 so he started a support service and extended it to any owner of a KPC feedback controller. The offshoot was called KP Technical Solutions and we will repair, upgrade and modify older controllers without switched feedback to incorporate switchable feedback.

We intended to introduce an alternative analogue controller that did not use back EMF feedback and was kinder to Portiscap/Escap type coreless motors and 5-pole can motors like Mashima. The flood put a halt to any production and thoughts of introducing the new controller too. However, as we write this article, development work is continuing on the new controller and we hope to introduce it soon.

We can also upgrade any KPC feedback controller to the latest standards and upgrade units built without switchable feedback to incorporate a switch to make feedback switchable.

Please keep visiting our website for advance details of our new cutting edge none Back EMF Feedback Controller.
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Geoffrey , London - 27 Mar 2019
Has the business closed
[Response: "The owners of Kent Panel Controls are in negotiation with a potential new owner for the sale of this company."]

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