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Snapshot: Kingsway Models


SK17 7NT


Kingsway Models


15 Kings Close,  Buxton, Derbyshire  SK17 7NT

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20th May 2019


Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 2mm, 4mm, 7mm,

A range of characterful card building kits mainly in 4mm (OO) 1/76 scale with some N scale and 1/43 items. All kits are based on real prototypes. Large range of bus garages for London and provincial bus companies. London Undergound Stations, tram depots, underground train depot. A comprehensive range of High Street buildings including Fire and Police Stations, period style cinemas, houses, pubs and shops. 1960s block of flats in N & OO.

The Kingsway Models range of 1/76 scale card kits is suitable for use with model railway and tramway layouts. It contains buildings that have been specially designed to fill the gaps in the ranges of other model building suppliers. Note that the kits are mainly produced on 1.25mm thick card and need to be cut out using a sharp knife and steel rule. It also provides the means to produce a strong model.
There are models of High St shops in a range of architectural styles ranging from Victorian to modern. The range includes interwar shop parades with a variety of shopfronts to choose from, a bank, department stores, and modern one-stop convenience stores. Retail park units, a DIY store and fast food and roadside restaurants are also available.
There are two churches in the range - a half relief city building and a full model of a small parish church.
Many of the kits are suitable for providing a setting for 1/76 scale die-cast road vehicles, including petrol stations in 1960s and modern style, car showrooms and garages. Two styles of Royal Mail postal depot and a telephone exchange building are also available.
There are eight different cinema models and five public houses to choose from; all with alternative names and signs.
Emergency vehicles are catered for by ten different fire stations , four police stations, and two hospitals including the entrance to a well known TV hospital casualty department! There is also an ambulance station.
The range includes five different styles of semi-detached houses available in both half and full relief versions including 'Metroland', art deco, council houses and modern. Terraced houses come in four different styles ranging from large and small Georgian buildings through Victorian and Edwardian.
The collection includes a ten storey half relief block of flats that measures 17inches high.
Suitable for use with many of the buildings there is an easy-to-lay pavement system which can be used to define the edge of roads.
An extensive range of London Transport and other bus company garages is available. These are suitable for displaying model bus collections. Easy to use bus garage extension kits may be employed to create custom designs providing space for large fleets of model buses and a kit for some inspection pits may be incorporated.
There are twelve different London Underground station surface buildings and also two styles of Underground tube platform tunnels in the range together with escalators and station interior items.
The kits in the range are produced and sold in comparatively low numbers and so enable you to have models that will stand out from those that are more commonly available.
At extra charge I can often supply customised signage for the buildings. New items are frequently being added to the range of kits.
Kit orders are usually posted within 24 hours of receipt except at weekends.
I can supply economic self adhesive model bus and tram advert decals.

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