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Modell Ost


Midfield, Swyre Road,  West Bexington,  Dorchester, Dorset  DT2 9DD

Telephone: 01308 897 911
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2nd July 2017


Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, Narrow Gauge
Services offered by this Supplier: Loco Kit Building, Painting & Weathering,

Scratch and kit building service for 4mm, O, and 1 standard and narrow gauges, specialising on the smaller and more obscure prototypes.

My focus has always been to produce hand-build models that are robust enough for day-to-day operation, and that capture that all-elusive character of a particular class of locomotive or type. In the case of kits, this often means making replacement parts and re-engineering the drive train, to achieve the running qualities I feel that my clients deserve. One recent highlight has been the completion of an example of the Backwoods L&B 'Lyn' Baldwin in OO9, and I am currently engaged on a ground-up chassis build for one of the Manning-Wardles from the same railway, but this time in On14 gauge. Images and build stories for these models are posted upon the Modell Ost website.

I am now investigating the viability of producing a very small batch of Hunszlet 'Waril' class 18 inch gauge locomotives in 1/32 scale, to run on 16.5mm track. Originally designed for the Depford WW1 Government supply depot in London during WW1, four went subsequently to the Sand Hutton light railway, and after the war, another one was built new for John Knowles. A kit for the Sand Hutton wagons is also planned.

Each locomotive is individually numbered, and where practicable will feature keeper plate frames, with wiper current pick up on all driving wheels. Every build comes with a specification sheet giving key construction details, retaining screw/bolt thread sizes, painting systems used, and any special instructions needed when disassembling the model for servicing the motor, wheels or drivetrain.

If this all sounds like the model locomotive that you would like to commission, please contact me at Modell Ost. I can be reached by telephone between 10.00 am to 8.00 PM most weekdays, and from
10.00 am to 1.00 PM Saturdays, or else email me if this is more convenient.

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