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Howes Models Ltd


16b Station Fields Industrial Estate,  Kidlington,  Oxfordshire OX5 1JD

Tel: 01865 848000
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Model Railways Radio Control Models


7th September 2016



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- British Outline -

Howes have been trading since 1939! We currently offer a fast 'on-line' service via our constantly updated website whilst still maintaining a showroom of modelling products.

We are now primarily R/C with a greatly reduced model railway section that is only open on a part time basis (Monday/Tues and Thursday).
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Martyn , West Wales And Oxford - 19 Sep 2016 - Four & a half Stars
I have used Howes Model Railways for almost forty years, particularly more recently as a user of Heljan O gauge models and ESU sound decoders, and the quality of customer care I have received has always been second-to-none. If ever there has been an issue with any model I have purchased it has been dealt with swiftly, thoroughly and courteously. The level of expertise on Heljan and Esu is comprehensive. It is important to bear in mind that Monday/Tuesday/Thursday are the days to visit or call for model railway business.

Nick , Bicester - 12 Sep 2016 - One & a half Stars
I have been shopping at Howes for 15 years. They have a good stock of reasonably priced second hand railway products. However over the last year the shop has massively deterioriated. There are new, quite rude staff there. I have often found some of them offhand and disinterested in the railway side of the business. This morining I went there to find that the shop was not ready for business, despite the website saying that they would be ready in their new premises from today. Having travelled for near 30min I therefore wasted nearly an hour. When I mentioned this I got no apology from anybody. When I said that the web site should have mentioned that they were not ready for business today, I was informed that the internet was down. I will continue to use Howes as there are so few model railway shops near where I live. However I think their service is now poor.

Kevin , Windsor - 01 Jan 2015 - Four & a half Stars
I've always had consistently excellent service from the model railway side of howes, the only issue I ever had was down to the manufacturer changing the spec on something, which was quickly resolved by the model railway team. I have recently also returned to radio controlled equipment and decided to buy myself a tamiya lunchbox and an rc helicopter for my fathers christmas present. I decided that rather than risk the postal service, I would go to the shop. 10/10 to the rc team too. Excellent service once again, but and I must emphasise this, check Online prices first, you may be surprised when you arrive!

Matthew , Wareham - 03 Sep 2014 - Five Stars
Consistently great service and I would highly recommend then.

Chris , Cowley Oxford - 27 Aug 2014 - No Stars
Poorly designed shop lack of radio controlled cars especially tamiya and kyosho move to new location was hard to find and generally I felt it would be better in a town or city like they used to be. Less space than they had before and generally got told that most people shop in japan now to get tamiya cars went away feeling very dissapointed to the point that there now is not one oxfordshire modelshop that can supply me with decent choices on tamiya. What a shame they used to be so good
[Response: "We have reduced our Tamiya stocks over the last few years as it is cheaper to buy direct from the Far East via the internet as pointed out to us by many customers; we have not stocked Kyosho products for over 10 years.......... Model shops now find it difficult to survive in prime locations - the level of 'over the counter' business cannot support the overheads as we found out when we were in Oxford! Our new location is far larger than our previous site which reflects our growing mail order business and the general trend in retailing. The fact that this reviewer had not previously visited our new premises (we have been here for 4 years) possibly reflects their recent involvement in the hobby."]

Gordon , Sutton - 28 Dec 2013 - One Star
Limited railway stock. Howes used to be a superb shop for model railways. Much reduced railway stock. I wanted a couple of fairly basic things (Conifer trees and self adhesive roadway) but they had neither. I consider this most recent visit a waste of time.
[Response: "Self-adhesive roadway is in stock (straight and curved sections) and conifers are available as a Woodland Scenics kit, but not individually. Given that our stock levels have actually increased it's difficult to understand this review."]

MS , Essex - 19 Nov 2013 - No Stars
At short notice I ordered a yacht from howes models as a birthday presents and paid an extra £10 for next day delivery by courier. Although their salesman made my delivery requirements clear on his sales invoice, howes models’ dispatch team completely ignored my delivery instructions which results in my purchase still traveling around in the back of a van, leaving me with no gift for tomorrows birthday celebrations. I am beyond disappointed !!!! Will not use howes models again.
[Response: "Reply to Miss Peed. She has failed to say she ordered the present on a Fri and did not pay for Saturday service but for Monday delivery not next day. The only problem here is that she ordered her husbands present too late!!! We explained this to her. Had she ordered a little earlier in the week her husband would have had the gift. Very happy to help those who can be!!!"]

Phil , Henley On Thames, Oxfordshire - 23 Sep 2013 - Three & a half Stars
Popped in here on my return from oxford. The shop is well stocked with railway (Bachmann, hornby, expo, esu/howes decoders) and radio control model boats, planes, etc. Staff seemed friendly, and reasonable prices. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, and of course, like many retailers they also have an internet shop. access is reasonably straight forward - you just head towards the back of the trading estate from the main road in a reasonably staight line, and howes is to your right. Parking right outside.

Michael , Norwich - 05 Jul 2013 - No Stars
I am very unhappy with this companies poor attitude regarding a faulty item after a number of phone calls for advice/help, the item was returned for a refund, (Not yet received 5 days later) the customer service in my case was very poor. Not recommended.


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