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10 Station Road,  Sheringham,  Norfolk NR26 8RG

Opening Hours: [Not known]
Model Types Stocked:
[Not known]


21st January 2008



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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Paul , Willingham - 30 Jul 2017 - No Stars
Shop rarely seems open, sign on door says "gone fishing", no statement of opening hours. Lovely items stocked but useless if the shop isn't open much. Several people looked in the window and one even tried the door but the place was shut. Won't be in business long if they don't open the door to sell stuff.

Neil , Southport Merseyside - 02 Sep 2016 - No Stars
The man is just rude ! Shop is more akin to a car boot than a shop ! Empty boxes and rubbish piled up everywhere ! Been to a few odd shops in my time ,but......! Wouldn't waste my time ! Much better shop in cromer !

Jeffrey , Horley - 20 Aug 2016 - Two & a half Stars
Unlike some I visited when the shop did re-open at 1pm (on Thursday 18th). Not a shop that stocks new model railways but good for model cars, paints, second-hand model railway bits and prices as well as some slot cars.

Ray , Blakeney, Norfolk. - 19 Aug 2016 - No Stars
I can never find this shop open!! Went today and a sign on the door said Back at One. He wasn't. Went back just after 2.30 and the sign said Closed!!! I give up.

David , Margate, Kent dfsdf444 - 03 May 2016 - Two & a half Stars
Confirm that this shop was open on the 19 April 2016 when I made a purchase. However the shop hours as listed may not be accurate.

Arthur , Northants - 16 Oct 2015 - Two Stars
I try to visit this shop regularly but it is closed more often than open. When open there is a good range of 'stuff' for a small model shop. Don't expect to be made to feel welcome though!

Steve , Desborough - 26 Jun 2015 - No Stars
Down in norfolk for a week and tried to visit this shop 3 times. Sign on the door back at one, went back and nobody there shop shut every time. Useless. Wouldn't waste my time again. Went to the shop in hunstanton instead.

Nigel , Cromer - 26 Jun 2014 - Two Stars
As a local (I live in cromer) and a professional model-Maker, this has been my only retail supplier since the excellent cromer models closed down some years ago. I have given up going to this shop on spec, as it never seems to be open at any useful time. I always try and ring ahead first. That being said, the range of paints, plastic/metal sections and other materials is excellent. They have also ordered things in for me. However, it is their lack of social skills which let them down in my opinion. I know retail makes one cynical, the public are on the whole pretty stupid, but a good shop owner, especially a fellow modeller, should at least be able to strike up a conversation.

Reg , Norfolk - 12 May 2014 - Two & a half Stars
I visited this shop on 29 April 2014, at about 4pm, and found it closed. an assistant in an adjacent charity shop said that autoloco is still definitely in business but that the proprietor does not open it to a specific schedule. She said that it is normally open 9.30-12 noon and 1.30-3.30 pm but not necessarily for times outside this.

Dave , Stowmarket, Suffolk - 03 Oct 2013 - One Star
I’ve had better and happier service at a funeral directors! ’MR happy’ here must be the most miserable soul in the town! the shop contained mainly second-hand contrasted by a very over-the-top flash revolving display of model road vehicles. After receiving the most miserable ’welcome’ ever I felt reluctant to ask him any questions and promptly left. only visit this shop if you happen to be in the area, it is certainly not worth visiting in its own right.

Paul , Orsett, Essex - 28 Sep 2013 - Two & a half Stars
Visited the shop today. So still open! Some Hornby and Bachmann stock , mostly wagons , at good prices. Some current second hand as well as older models. Airfix models available and a big display of 00 model vehicles. Also railway specific railmach paint and modelling supplies . Plenty of stuff to look thru , including books , model boats. Worth a look around but if you were after something specifically I would ring.

Tony , Reading, Berkshire - 24 Jun 2013 - One Star
Friday 21st June. I attempted to visit this shop at 3:30 in the afternoon. A sign on the door said it was closed. A little later I saw what I presumed to be the owner unlock the door and enter the shop with another person but the sign remained "Closed". Although I hadn’t made a special trip to sheringham I was a little disappointed that this shop was unavailable at this time of day.


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