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Bournemouth Model Railway Centre


329-331 Holdenhurst Road,  Bournemouth,  Dorset BH8 8BT

Tel: 01202 309872
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 Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available
Opening Hours: 9.30 -5.00 MON/TUE/THU/FRI/SAT
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways Slot Cars Diecast Models


11th March 2017



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Stockists of:

- British Outline - North American Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Traintronicz, Woodland Scenics, Ratio, Wills, Vitrains, Heljan, Farish, Dapol
Scales & Gauges:
2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm & larger
DCC Products Stocked:
Digitrax, ESU, Hornby, Gaugemaster, Bachmann, TCS, Zimo

We have been trading for forty years as Bournemouth Model Railway Centre building layouts and kit building locos for people also repairing there broken locos. We also stock over 12000 slotcar from 26 manufacturers and race slotcars at our club every Thursday.
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Fred , Poole - 31 Jul 2017 - No Stars
On personal visit the staff could do with going on a customer courtesy course. Abrupt and unhelpful. wouldn't recommend it to anyone How they have lasted goodness knows

Nicola , Bournemouth, Uk - 09 May 2017 - No Stars
May have great stock, but staff very unhelpful and rude. My son was made to feel like a potential thief when he asked for a price of an item (as no prices are displayed) he was told the price followed by "and you can just put that back exactly where you took it from" highly unfair as like the other reviewer my son had money to spend and was just on a reconnaissance mission planning to return to purchase later, unlikely to do so now.

James , Bournemouth - 24 Aug 2016 - Four & a half Stars
I have always been made very welcome here despite being totally deaf (Derek, Roger, Bob or Mark write down replies to my queries and are very understanding even when the questions show my inexperience). As to service this has been absolutely first class including phoning manufacturers, rapid conversion of locos to DCC or running locos on their layout for me. So I most definitely cannot agree with moans about customer reception. My sole suggestion would be more accessible display of models with price guidance. The selection of stock is amazing - they seem to have absolutely everything ! Wonderful shop with easy outside parking.

Maggie , Boscombe - 16 Aug 2016 - Three Stars
I was shot down in flames at the Harmon's Cross model railway show. There are two shops on Alder hills. One deals with model railways (expanding due to volumes of sales), the other one makes baseboards and does 'weathering' if they can spare you the time. Holdenhurst Road is still amazingly stocked and offers lots of useful bits. As Westbourne models seems to be closed, 'Holdenhurst' is an essencial place to look at.

Maggie , Pokesdown - 15 Jul 2016 - One & a half Stars
As a shop, lots of stock but top end prices, staff can be helpful, depending on their mood. Where they do score though, is with their repairs and 'weathering' service. My partner has had several locos upgraded to DCC & painted usually with a two week turn round (unlike the people on Alder Hills who often take several months). Prices do come down, if offering cash.

Matthew , Templecombe - 29 Mar 2016 - No Stars
Useless store, loads of stock but high prices and having to ask for the price of everything makes you feel like you have an obligation to buy. Hard to walk around the store, boxes everywhere. Lots of things in cabinets that require unlocking, again, giving the feel that there's an obligation to buy. The staff stared at my 16 year old son every time he went near something. He was fully prepared to spend £300 that he'd got for his birthday, but not with the rude staff here.

John , Bournemouth - 02 Jan 2016 - One Star
Once you get past the smoking staff at the door, past the piles of (Fire risk)mouldy old magazines, don't expect prices to be displayed. Stock locked in cabinets so staff have to find the keys, get the right key, come over all the way to the cabinet and unlock them every time. No refunds even with a receipt.

Anthony , Dunstable - 10 Nov 2015 - Four Stars
Hidden gem of a store, owner was very helpful and talked with us about what I needed / what I needed to buy.


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6 December, 2017


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