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Mad About Trains of Gainsborough

Editors Note:
As the information displayed here is over 3 years old we cannot guarantee that it is correct and we are still awaiting confirmation from the owners that they are still trading. Despite several emails no contact has been received from this Business since 2nd April 2014.
As a result if you are travelling a long distance, it may be worth checking ahead.

106 Trinity Street,  Gainsborough,  Lincolnshire DN21 1HS

Tel: 01427811040  Mobile: 07858612716
Opening Hours: [Not known]
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2nd April 2014



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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Martin , Rotherham - 17 Mar 2017 - Four Stars
We were able to park outside the shop (30 mins only). Good range of new and secondhand rolling stock plus interesting selection of accesories to aid layout building. We received a warm welcome and the assistant was friendly and knowledgeable, definitely worth a second visit.

Don , Lincoln - 06 Jan 2017 - Two & a half Stars
I have visited this shop several times but rarely purchased as I have found an indifferent level of service offered. I think the owners have the knowledge and ability to help answer questions but it sometimes does not present very well. They have a good range of stock although some surprising gaps: e.g code 75 track - What's that? I was asked surprisingly. (I think they sometimes have someone in the shop who is not familiar with the hobby).

Phil , Lincoln - 11 Jan 2016 - Four & a half Stars
Mavis and keith who run mad about trains are extremely helpful and friendly and they know their stuff. Recently they weathered an N gauge loco for me and the finished product was amazing. The attention to detail was superb. To be able to weather the loco as per my instructions which was 'Heavily weathered' Was done to perfection.

Robin , Southwell, Notts. - 04 Aug 2015 - Four Stars
I called in to this shop today not knowing what to expect considering previous comments. First let me say that I parked at tesco's just down the road - And, yes I did buy something there, i'm not that cheeky. On entering mad about trains I got a cheery greeting from the lady behind the counter. She was no less friendly when I said that I had just called in to look around and didn't intend to spend any money (Always a good test). There was some pleasant conversation, and one of the customers pointed me to a box of s/h stuff which I would otherwise have missed. Actually this is quite a well-Stocked shop for its size (With a fair-Sized OO layout in the back room) and I would call in again - Especially for hard-To-Find things. Did I walk out without parting with any of my "Hard earned"? No, but I only spent a fiver!

John , Gainsborough - 06 May 2015 - Five Stars
Great shop well worth the visit loads to choose from in new and second hand. DCC sound locos were great and loads of advice given. Very frendly people and customer service was great will be going bk to and well worth the money I spent thanks mad about trains for all the advice

Mark , Gainsborough - 05 May 2015 - Five Stars
Went in to the shop today was well worth the visit very frendly staff and very good customer service. Was offerd a drink (Something you dont get in other train shops) and was talked through the advantages od dcc. Vast range of stock to choose from and the layout in the back was fantastic. Was also told that if I got stuck with building my layout to contact them and they would help me out a1+ for this shop was well worth the visit will visit again

Robert , Sheffield - 01 May 2015 - No Stars
I have been planning to visit 'mad about trains' for a while now and was pleased to get the opportunity today. The shop has a great stock of new and used model railway items and the shop itself is well set out. Sadly, that is where all the positives end. When I visited the shop there were 4 people already in, chatting around the till area. I said hello and got a slight grunt in response and I mean a grunt. Not sure if this was a staff member or just another shopper! I had a look around and found several item of interest. I asked the lady behind the till how much the wagons were and a man in the rear of the shop just shouted 9, the lady ignored me! I assume 9 pounds but he could have meant 9 kicks to the groin. It turned out that all 4 people worked there or were the spouse of a staff member. I had planned to buy a birthday gift of around £60 but I left thinking 'no chance of them getting my money' such a shame as I now work near gainsbourgh and I am planning a new layout. This shop would have been ideal. The staff virtually ignored me and were extremely rude and unhelpful whilst I was in there. I will now travel to worksop and visit jeffery alison as the service there is of a much higher standard.

Jill , Barnsley, South Yorkshire - 08 Sep 2014 - Five Stars
What a wonderful model railway shop. You get expert advice. Prices are amazing, far better than others we have visited. Wonderful staff and so full of knowledge. If they haven't got what you require they get it in for you. They even make layouts to order, repairs and weathering. Fantastic range. Fantastic place for sound chips too, they even fit them for you too. If you have any kind of problems with your running stock or layouts this is definately the place to visit, they will get it sorted for you. You can even sit down and have a chat. Wonderful, wonderful people and fantastic shop. Keep up the good work folks. Highly recommended.

Andrew , Kinross - 30 Jun 2014 - Four & a half Stars
I purchased a hornby sentinel from mad about trains of gainsborough who were attending the model railway exhibition in perth 28/29 June 2014. The proprietor even sourced the special decoder for this model to save me the trouble of having to order one from hornby. Now that`s what I call customer service. I would definitely buy from this retailer again. I haven't had the opportunity to visit the shop in gainsborough but will do so sometime in the future.


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