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This Directory is designed as a resource for Exhibition Managers and Visitors alike and holds information on Exhibition Layouts in the UK.
It's purpose is to put Exhibition Managers in contact with layout builders and help Visitors find out more about their favourite layouts.
So if you are looking to fill that gap in your exhibition why not look down this list for something new.
Alternatively, if you have a layout that you would like to be listed all you have to do now is send in your details on the associated form. Remember this is a resource for you, so even if you personally don't have an exhibition layout someone in your Club might, so let them know.

Please mention when you contact any of the layout owners so they can be assured their listing is worthwhile.

All images on this page are the copyright of the individuals or clubs concerned and may not be copied or reproduced without their express permission.

Since the number of Layouts in the eLayouts Directory is now over 100 we have separated it into four Categories:

3mm Scale or less
[e.g. T, Z, N and TT gauges]
3.5mm Scale
[e.g. HO gauge]
4mm Scale
[e.g. OO, EM and P4 gauges]
7mm Scale and Larger
[e.g. O, 1 and 16.5mm gauges]

Once you have found the new page from the list above you may wish to amend your bookmarks accordingly.

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This page last updated on
3 July, 2020


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