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If your Business is not listed please complete the form below with your details and we will ensure this is added to the Directory as soon as possible. If you would like to amend the details of an existing entry, please go to your details page and follow the [Update] link in the left hand column of the page under the name of the Business.

Note: We MUST have a FULL postal address for all submissions. If you do not wish this to be displayed in the directory please advise us in the Comments section below. This will then only be disclosed in the case of a customer complaint being referred to us.

Manufacturers or Suppliers of Services should use the Suppliers submission form which can be found here..

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Model Types Stocked :
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Model Railways

Model Railways
Plastic Kits

Slot Cars

Slot Cars
Radio Controlled Models

Radio Controlled Models
Diecast Models

Services Offered :
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Modelling advice

Servicing & Repairs service

DCC decoder fitting service

Limited Editions
Model Railway Outline/Types Stocked :
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British Outline

American Outline

Continental/European Outline

Garden Railway Specialists
Ready to Run Model Railway Products stocked :
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Other Product Ranges:
(This section is for the Product Manufacturers names ONLY.
Anything else in this
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(Please input as a comma separated list e.g. Ratio, Wills, Woodland Scenics, etc...)
Model Railway Scales & Gauges catered for : Scales
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1mm (Z)

2mm (N)

3.5 & 4mm (HO/OO)

7mm (O)

10mm+ (Gauge 1 and larger)
Actual Gauges stocked :
e.g. N,HO,OO,O,On30,1,G,LGB etc.. (Note: Please include detail here as this is very useful with site searches.)
Products Stocked:
Product Categories: Example Suppliers
These are just a few examples as there are many, many others in each category.
a: Locomotive Kits (brass, whitemetal or resin) Agenoria, DJH, Ian Stoate, SE Finecast, etc...
Make Stocked:
b: Rolling Stock Kits (wagons, coaches) Coopercraft, Parkside Dundas, etc...
c: Track (set, flexible, components) Atlas, Hornby, Peco, SMP, etc...
d: Tools (airbrushes, soldering irons) Antex, Expo, Shesto, Xacto, etc...
e: Advanced Control Systems (DCC equipment) Digitrax, Lenz, TCS, ZTC, etc...
Make Stocked:
f: Scenics Materials (ballast, flock, trees) Woodland Scenics, etc...
g: Trackside Accessories Langley, Mike's Models, Ten Commandments, etc...
h: Plastic & Card kits Dapol, Faller, Metcalfe, Superquick, Walthers, etc...
i: Paints & Glues Humbrol, Phoenix, Railmatch, Revell, etc...
j: Scratch Building Materials and Detailing parts Fox Transfers, Modelmaster, Plasticard, Plastruct, Wills sheets, etc...
k: Books, Videos & DVDs Cheona Publications, Irwell Press, Oakwood Press, Wild Swan, etc...
l: Second Hand The retailer has a significant selection of Secondhand equipment available or deals SOLELY in Secondhand models.

Completion and submission of any details on this form implies permission to display the given details on this website.
All content submitted to the UK Model Shop Directory is governed by the Content Submission Terms & Conditions.

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11 January, 2017


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