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Information Submission Form - for EXHIBITION LAYOUTS ONLY

Digital Photographs: It is a requirement that all the entries to the Directory include a digital image of the layout.
After we have received your submission we will e-mail you for a suitable picture.

Also, in order to be accepted into the Directory, all Layouts need to be completed and ready for exhibiting.

Proposer's Details: (*required fields)
Your Name:*
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Your E-Mail:*

Contact Details:
Is this a Club or Private Layout? Club Layout
Private Layout
Associated Club
Club Officer
If you are an Officer of the Club please put your title here.

For your own home security we will NOT publish Address Lines 1 and 2 or your Post Code.
Only the following details WILL be published;
Town and County details for Exhibition Managers to know your approximate location,
e-mail address in order for you to be contacted, which may be different to the one above if you wish,
and of course all your Layout details.

Address Line 1*
Address Line 2
Post Code*
Please note that published e-mail addresses are protected and this e-mail may be different to the Proposers one above.
Due to the posibility of being able to reverse engineer telephone numbers to private addresses across the internet please indicate here if you would like your telephone number disclosed on the register or not.
Yes, you may publish the telephone number I have submitted.
No, please only publish my e-mail address.
Layout Details:
Please complete as much as possible.
Layout Title*
Layout Subject
e.g. GWR, BR(MR), Pennsy(USA), DRGW(USA), etc...
Layout Era
e.g. 1930's, 1950's, etc...
Scale* or less

e.g. T, Z, N, OO, O, 1, etc...
e.g. 4ft 6in x 8ft, 12ft x 20ft, etc...
size of layout plus any operating space required.
Number of Operators*
Is the layout operated by DCC?*
DCC Operated
Not DCC operated
Special Requirements*
e.g. no. of sockets, stock table, etc...

Completion and submission of any details on this form implies permission to display the given details on this website.
So please only complete this form IF you are willing for the details to be disclosed across the Internet.
However please note we will NOT publish lines 1 & 2 of your address or your postcode on the internet.

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20 May, 2016


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