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If you wish to submit details about your Business, Club or Event please use one of the following submission forms.
We are always on the lookout for new information so, if you know something we don't, please tell us for the benefit of all Modellers.

Retailer Submission Supplier Submission
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Events Submission Club Submission
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We are more than willing to include your details as long as it is modelling related.
However, we cannot include the entire high street (or internet) so obscure links will be respectfully declined.

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Here are details of some of the questions we have received but I am afraid we cannot answer.

Q - Please can you let me know who is able to provide XYZ?
A - I am afraid we do not know all the services and stock of retailers and suppliers. Please feel free to use the Directory to undertake your own research.
Alternatively you could post your question on the Model Railways and Roads Zone Forum.

Q - Please can you let me know the contact details for XYZ?
A - All the information we hold for specific retailers or suppliers that we can disclose in accordance with the Data Protection Act, is as given in the Directory.

Q - Please can you let me know if you buy, sell, stock or repair XYZ together with the cost?
A - We only manage this Directory and do not buy, sell, stock or repair any products.
Unfortunately we also do not have the details of the entire stock of all retailers and suppliers.
All product related enquiries must be sent directly to the retailer or supplier concerned.
Many local model shops can provide a repair service.
If that is not possible take a look on our RTR Repairs and Resprays page on the Suppliers Directory.

Q - Could you give me an approximate value of XYZ.
A - I am sorry but we cannot provide valuations.
Here are a few suggestions of people who may be able to help -
One of the second hand dealers on the Second Hand Stockists page.
A local model shop near to you.
A local club again near to you.
Undertake your own research on the web e.g. eBay.
Contact a professional> Purchase a copy of Ramseys Guide to Model Railways edited by Pat Hammond which contains details of many second hand Model railway products.

We hope these help and please do not be offended if we do not respond to an enquiry that is related to any of the above.

For many other questions, please ensure you check through the website first as many answers to the enquiries we have received can be answered there.
The search tool in the top right of every page will help you in this.

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The following form is for providing feedback on information
contained in the UK Model Shops Directory website ONLY.

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Note: If you are asking or informing us about any information on the site, please can you add the name of the Shop, Supplier, Club, etc in your comment's below so that we can trace the details in our database.

*Please tick here to confirm this is feedback for the UK Model Shops Directory and you have read our FAQ section above *

This page last updated on
29 February, 2016


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