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CLUBS and SOCIETIES Information Submission Form

If your Club or Society is not listed then please complete the form below with as many of your details as you wish and we will ensure this is added to the Directory.
We know it looks like a lot but it is only to cover the many permutations for Clubs across the country.

After you have done this why not also advertise your next exhibition. You can submit your details up to 12 months in advance by completing the Events Submission Form here (Note: this will open a new window).
Submit Details of your Club or Society HERE: (* indicate required fields)
Part 1 : Proposer's Details :
For your security an actual contact name is required here so that we can contact you personally and prevent our emails being mistaken for SPAM.
Without this your entry may not be accepted.
Your Name :*
First Name   Last Name
Your E-Mail address :*

Please note we will register the above e-mail address as your Password
for all security checks for amendments and updates to your details.

Comments :

Part 2 : Main Club Details : (for publication)
Name of Club
or Society :*
Location of Club :
(Used to locate your Club if you do not complete the Meeting place details)
Town or City :*
Club Type :* County :*
Society Website : Facebook :
Note: You may exclude the facebook url
Description of Society :*

(500 characters available)

Part 3 : Club Contact Details
If you wish potential members to get in touch with you, we suggest you complete as much detail as possible here.
Club Contact Name :* Address 1:
Address 2:
Role or Office held :*
e.g. Hon. Secretary, Publicity Manager, etc..
Town or City :
Contact E-Mail Address: County :
Telephone No : Post Code :

Please indicate here if you would like the above contact details disclosed on the Directory.
If not we will only publish your Name and Position held in the Society.
The remainder will only be used to contact you in case of difficulty with your entry.
YES, you may publish ALL the contact details above. NO, please only publish my Name and Position held.

Part 4 : Clubroom or Meeting address details : (optional)
Please only disclose these if you want them to appear on the internet.
Address :

Time of meeting :
Town or City : Day(s) of meeting :
County :
Post Code :

Part 5 : Exhibition Contact Details (if applicable - optional)
Please Note - This is just for the contact details of your Exhibition Manager and not for your Event info.
To submit your Exhibition please click here (opens a new window).

Name of Exhibition Manager :
Note: This is REQUIRED if you wish to have any of these details included.
Exhibition E-Mail Address:
Office held : Exhibition Manager Exhibition Telephone No :
Description :

e.g. Exhibition is held on the last weekend in April. (500 characters available)

Completion and submission of any details on this form implies permission to display the given details on this website.
All content submitted to the UK Model Shop Directory is governed by the Content Submission Terms & Conditions.

This page last updated on
8 November, 2016


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