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Past Exhibitions

If you have a layout, trade or society stand that you would like to exhibit at a future EMRS exhibition, then please contact: Paul Plummer (Exhibition Manager).

This page is a photographic record (complete with captions) and brief history of past model railway exhibitions organised (directly or indirectly) by the EMRS. Plus, we like to thank everybody who down the years has helped us make our shows possible.

September Show.

Before 2009, the EMRS September Model Railway Exhibition was held at Freemantle Hall in Bexley. The club had held many decent shows at that venue relative to its size for a few years, before it was decided to change to a bigger venue that was more accessible, in terms of on-site parking and for the disabled. In 2009 our first show at Huxtable Hall (also known as St. Martin's Church Hall) in Bexleyheath went ahead and was more successful than previously shows at Freemantle Hall. In 2010 the Scout Hall was added, giving us more space to allow a few more layouts and traders to exhibit. In 2014 we expanded into St. Martin's Church itself. For 2015 the decision was taken to move our September show to better venue - The Leigh Academy, just outside Dartford - which will feature just as much space, but under one roof, and a better on-site car park. After our first show there, more exhibits attended in the large Sports Hall that we used. However after our 2018 show there, the decision was taken to cease organising the September Show. Due to falling visitor numbers and increasing costs in delivering the show, it was no longer finanically viable to continue.

Inside Freemantle Hall (Left). A view of Huxtable Hall (Centre). A view of the Scout Hall (Right).

A view of The Leigh Academy's Sports Hall (Left). Chipperfields Circus Static Exhibit (Centre). Another view of The Leigh Academy's Sports Hall (Right).

June/Firepower Show.

Between 2008 and 2012, the EMRS in cooperation with Firepower - The Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich held model railway exhibitions during first full weekend of June. They were very unique shows, encompassing railway modelling with full-sized military exhibits and attracting new visitors to the museum who only came along because there was a model railway show being held there. However, the layout of the venue changed slightly every year we visited and certain layouts and traders believed that visitors had 'missed' them because they were 'hidden' behind the permanent museum exhibits. Nevertheless, the five shows that the club held there were pretty good. Sadly, the museum closed in July 2016.

Also, the Firepower Trophy was awarded by museum officials to what they considered to be the best layout at the show. The trophy was presented for the first time in 2009 and the list of previous winners is shown below.


Layout Name











2009 Wildschonau HO Austrian David & Lynda Coates Private
2010 East Foxley OO BR (NSE) Daniel Plummer EMRS
2011 Temple Falls N Japanese Ron Upton Private
2012 Cheerio Charlton O London Trams Richard Moules Private

Riversdale at Firepower (Left). The Exhibition Manager checking all is well with Foxley Green (Centre). A view of the Main Museum Gallery (Right).

January Show.

Before 2012, the EMRS January Model Railway Exhibition was held at Temple Hill Community Primary School in Dartford. It had for many years been regarded as one of the better model railway shows in South East England, with what was to be our final show there in 2011 being the largest and most successful show we have ever had there. The issues with that venue were the amount of walking required to get from one end of the show to the other, there were no car parking lines, the car park entrance was narrow and also served as the exit, the dining hall area was too small and also had trading stands based there and, being that we did take over the whole school from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, it caused some disruption with the school with regards to making sure all the tables, chairs, etc. were put back correctly.

We knew that a change of venue was required, and thankfully The Business Academy, Bexley, in 'Erith' (okay, between Belvedere and Abbey Wood) became the venue for our January show and it proved to be a very good place for hosting such an event. It was better than Temple Hill in many ways - More car parking places, more seating in the dining area, a separate car park entrance and exit, and, most importantly, less walking around. In 2015 we expanded upstairs on the first floor. However, the decision was taken to move our January show to a less expensive, but just as big, venue - The Longfield Academy - for 2016. After our first show there, the venue building was well-received by visitors and exhibitors alike. And it is currently the only venue the EMRS uses for exhibitions. Additional off-site car parking spaces in the vicinity are also being sought.

The Ticket Sales Stand at Temple Hill (Left). Johnboy, the Traction Engine, on display in the car park (Centre). One of the many halls used at Temple Hill (Right).

A view of the Business Academy (Left). The Bill Murphy Memorial Shield & the John Heath Cup on Wellbridge by Crawley MRS (Centre). Another view of the Business Academy (Right).

The Exhibition Manager presenting the Bill Murphy Memorial Shield to Sutton by East Bedfordshire MRS (Left). The EMRS Club's Sales Stand (Centre). The John Heath Cup on Bear Creek Junction by Sutton Coldfield Railway Society (Right).

If you have a layout that you would like to exhibit at a future EMRS exhibition, please contact: Paul Plummer (Exhibition Manager).

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