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Clubs and Societies Directory

Providing contact details for Local, National and some International Clubs and Societies.

If your Club or Society is not listed then just complete the SUBMISSION FORM with your details and we will ensure this is added to the Directory on the next update.
While you are doing this, why not also advertise your next exhibition. You can submit your details up to 12 months in advance by simply completing the submission form for the Events Calendar page here.

Please mention when you contact any of the detailed clubs or societies so they can be assured their listing is worthwhile.

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HISTORICAL SOCIETIES - Associations that are able to provide information to people researching specific Historical railway companies.
Broad Gauge Society FaceBook link
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr Paul Townsend Tel: 01179686469
The society promotes research and modelling of brunel's broad gauge railway in any scale. Members receive 6 news sheets a year and our glossy journal 'The broadsheet' Twice a year, which contains articles on prototype and modelling subjects. A range of datasheets on rolling stock, track design etc and back numbers are available. an annual field trip is organised each summer and an exhibition in the autumn of alternate years.
Details last updated 10th November 2016

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Caledonian Railway Association
Contact Details: - , -
The objective of the CRA is to promote interest in the history of the Caledonian Railway. Regular meetings are held in Glasgow during the winter months with guest speakers. The Association's journal "The True Line" is published on a regular basis, along with various CR documents and publications. More details are available on our website where there is also an active forum covering all things Caledonian, a catalogue of our archive of documents & photographs and a contact form for other queries.
Details last updated 29th May 2018
The Colonel Stephens Society
Contact Details: Membership Sec CSS , Sheena Baylis
Meeting Venue:  N/a
Primarily a correspondence society for enthusiasts of the standard and narrow gauge railways of Col Holman F Stephens. We publish a quarterly journal, The Colonel, and try and make something of a weekend event at various locations around the UK for our annual general meeting. We have a strong association with the Col Stephens Museum at Tenterden (KESR).
Details last updated 6th June 2017
Crawley Signal Box Preservation Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr Alfred Tidey Tel: 01293 439699
Meeting Venue:  Not Applicable
The society was formed in 1992 with the aim of preserving the redundant LBSCR 1870s built Crawley signal box. Much work has been done since then to restore the box and replace missing instruments and the big level crossing wheel. In 2014 it was found necessary to renew the staircase and balcony. This was done with the aid of grants from local charitable organisations. The society holds regular public open days which are advertised on local radio and on this site, so please watch out for dates.
Details last updated 5th June 2017
Cumbrian Railways Association
Contact Details: Secretary , Mike Warhurst Tel: 01942 217300
The Cumbrian Railways Association is the line society for Cumbria and surrounding counties. To the students of railway history, Cumbria has many attractions - from trunk lines hurrying through, to country branch lines that served tourists and locals alike, and industrial lines of great interest and complexity. Benefits of membership are:- Two full day meetings in the County for talks, displays and sales. Four journals a year, each packed with drawings, articles and photographs.
Details last updated 13th September 2017

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Glasgow & South Western Railway Association
Contact Details: Treasurer , Arnold Tortorella
Meeting Venue:  Paisley Abbey , Paisley , Renfrewshire  PA1 1JG
Meeting Day: See website   
The association for those with an interest in this compact and characterful Scottish railway company. Journal, newsletter and meetings.
Details last updated 4th October 2017
Great Eastern Railway Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Ken Wheatley Tel: 01279814678
Promotes a widespread interest in the Great Eastern Railway, as well as that of its predecessors & successors, encourages and co-ordinates research into its history, and provides a permanent record of the results.
Details last updated 21st May 2018
Great North of Scotland Railway Association
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Barry Hoper
The Great North of Scotland Railway served the north east of Scotland, based on Aberdeen. The Association caters for all those interested in the company and its successors. There is an increasing interest from modellers, supported by a wide range of original archive material.
Details last updated 19th August 2016
Great Northern Railway Society
Contact Details: Secretary , Mrs Marion Sibley
Specialist railway historical society. Formed 1981.
2 meetings p.a. Great Northern News published bi-monthly.
Attends model shows with exhibition stand and society publications of GNR information such as wagons/carriages/etc.,
Details last updated 23rd October 2016
Great Western Study Group
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr K Fenner
An absolute must for any Great Western aficionado. This is a Society for the dissemination of documents and information about the Great Western Railway. We publish a quarterly Newsletter, a Journal "The Pannier", and other special publications. Stewarding system and dedicated web forum available as sources of help and information to members. AGM & Exhibition (open to non-members) is normally held at Didcot Civic Hall in June, but see web for exact date and venue details.
Details last updated 28th August 2017

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Highland Railway Society
Contact Details: Membership Secreatary , John Fairlie
The Highland Railway Society caters for all those interested in the Highland Railway from its inception to the current day through a regular magazine and meetings. There is a strong modelling interest among members and a small range of components is available.
Details last updated 10th September 2017
Historical Model Railway Society
Contact Details: Secretary , Hmrs Tel: 01773 745 959 (part time)
Meeting Venue:  Meetings Are Held At Various Locations Round The Uk , Please See Our Web Site For Details
The Historical Model Railway Society, an Educational Charity, maintains a strong commitment toward obtaining, storing and distributing information of value and integrity. Material placed in its care will be treated with due regard to its information value. If you have an interest in the railways of Britain and you seek to expand your research options for making historically accurate railway models, then the HMRS is definitely for you.
Details last updated 22nd September 2017

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Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society
Contact Details: Membership Officer , Ken Carter Tel: 0115 967 3485
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society is devoted to the dissemination of information about the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway throughout in 75 years of existence and beyond. We produce publications; have extensive collections of photographs, drawings and archive material; and hold events. We are a registered educational charity with around 850 members.
Details last updated 19th April 2017
London and North Western Railway Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr A Shepherd Tel: 01582 603238
Meeting Venue:  See LNWRS Website
Meeting Day: See LNWRS website   Meeting Times: See LNWRS Website
A Society aiming to collect and disseminate information about the London and North Western Railway, its constituents and its successors.
Details last updated 28th November 2016

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Narrow Gauge Railway Society FaceBook link
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr L Little
Our interests cover industrial narrow gauge systems, preservation, and the growing area of miniature railways in the UK and throughout the world.
Our regular publications provide coverage of every type of narrow gauge and miniature line operated by steam, diesel and electric power. Our magazine provides articles of historical interest and coverage of modern developments. We also maintain an extensive reference library from which members may borrow. There are several local groups in the UK
Details last updated 18th October 2017
North Eastern Railway Association
Contact Details: Hon General Secretary , Ian Mitchell
NERA was formed in 1961 to cater for all enthusiasts interested in the railways of North Eastern England, the North Eastern Railway, the Hull and Barnsley railway, from their successors, and also the smaller independent and industrial railways that operated alongside the main line system.
Interests cover all aspects of operations - locomotives, rolling stock, train services, stations, signalling, shipping, road vehicles, etc. - both for the general enthusiast and the model maker.
Details last updated 19th July 2016

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Rother Valley Railway Supporters Association
Contact Details: , Reception
Meeting Venue:  Rvrsa , Robertsbridge Junction Station, Station Road , Robertsbridge , East Sussex  TN32 5DG
Supporters Association for the Rother Valley Railway. We also operate a shop at Robertsbridge which sells secondhand railway books, magazines and model railway items.
Details last updated 27th November 2017

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Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust
Contact Details: Chairman , Ian Young
The Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust has a museum and shop at the railway station Washford Somerset on the West Somerset Railway. The trust owns two locos 7f 2-8-0 no 53808 (88) and Peckett 0-4-0st no 1178
Details last updated 4th December 2017
Southern Railways Group
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , N.J.Knowlden
Promoting interest in the railways of Southern England, whether pre-grouping, Southern Railway, BR or its post-nationalisation successors. We provide a quarterly high quality printed magazine (with colour). meetings, lectures and visits and encourage the research and sharing of information. We also regularly review books and models of interest to "Southern" modellers of all eras.
Details last updated 13th November 2016
The Stephenson Locomotive Society FaceBook link
Contact Details: Publicity & Promotions Officer , John New Tel: Please only use email
Meeting Venue:  For Contact Details Of Each Centre - See Website , Various Meeting Venues In England & Scotland
Meeting Day: Varies by centre. Mid-week (eve) & Saturday (day)   Meeting Times: Varies by Centre
The SLS will give you in depth coverage of matters relating to locomotives and railway operation both old and new. The SLS is not just about steam locomotives and the study of our past but encompasses modern traction too. Photo sales, Journal, meetings, library, internet forum, owner of miniature steam loco Orion and lots more. See our website for details.
Details last updated 7th March 2017

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WC&P Railway Group FaceBook link
Contact Details: Secretary , Paul Gregory Tel: 01275 847139
Meeting Venue:  Alternates: Weston, Clevedon, Portishead - See Website
Meeting Day: Fridays   Meeting Times: 7.30 PM
The WC&P Railway Group was formed in 2006 with the aim of ensuring that as much as possible of the remains of the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Light Railway railway is preserved. We aim to record and conserve the remaining physical elements, and the memories of people who used the railway. We hope to install some replica features, and are installing interpretation boards along the route. Regular bi-monthly meetings. New members, whether active or armchair very welcome. See website.
Details last updated 14th November 2017
Wells Rail Fraternity
Contact Details: Treasurer , Roy Kethro Tel: 07759122983
Meeting Venue:  Wells Town Hall , Market Place , Wells , Somerset  BA5 2RB
Meeting Day: 2nd Tuesday of month September to May   Meeting Times: 7.30pm
The Wells Railway Fraternity was formed in 1968 as a reilway meeting society. Meetings are held in Wells Town Hall from September to May on the second Tuesday of each month, non members are welcome. In 1978 a model railway display was held at a local village fete, this event showed there was an interest for a show, the next year Railwells was born. The idea of the exhibition has always been to encourage and promote railway modelling. Extra money made is donated to the Railway Children Charity.
Details last updated 20th November 2016
Welsh Railways Research Circle
Contact Details: Secretary , Gareth Davies
Bringing together modellers and researchers who specialise in the railways of Wales and the Border Counties.
Details last updated 7th January 2017
World War 2 Railway Study Group
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mike Christensen Tel: 01263734115
The purpose of the World war 2 Railway Study Group is to collect, exchange and whenever possible, to publish factual information of the railways of the combatant nations during world war two. Relevant material from the years before and after the war, and associated subjects is also welcome. The wartime railway had not been extensively studied until fairly recently. The study group was founded in 1989 to address this. The Group offers a bi-monthly bulletin. Subscription £13.50 per year.
Details last updated 14th November 2017

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