SCRS Outing 2015

Sutton Coldfield Railway Society

SCRS Outing 2016
25th & 26th April 2020

Wylde Green Road
West Midlands
B76 1QT

Opening Times:
Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm

ADULTS £5, OAP's £4
Accompanied children under 16 admitted free.

Parking: Free
Refreshments: A light refreshments service will be available for sandwiches, snacks, cakes, tea, coffee, etc..
Disabled: The building is easily accessible for the severely disabled and assistance can also be provided wherever necessary.
SCRS Exhibition 2020
  • Bleadon, O Gauge
  • Canalside Ironworks, 1/50th scale
  • Irgendwo, HOm gauge
  • Padden Flats, HO gauge
  • Kenstadt, Z gauge
  • Waterfall Junction, N gauge
  • Mulldale, O-16.5 gauge
  • Wagon Lane Sidings, OO gauge
  • Avyn-A-Llyin, OO9 gauge
  • Wharston Hall, N gauge
  • Kings Brandell, OO9 gauge
  • 5G…Water, Ash and Coal, N gauge
  • Sutton in Ashfield, OO Gauge
  • Coldfield Yard, OO Gauge
  • Awdry St Nicholas, OO Gauge
Awdry St Nicolas

Awdry St Nicolas

This is the Warley MRC Thomas the Tank Engine layout. Extremely popular with families and children alike.
Something simple is the order of the day and thus this 4 track circuit was built whose sole purpose is to let as many children as possible enjoy the excitement of "driving" a train.


Bleadon is an imaginary station located on a possible, but never constructed, southward extension of the Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway (WCPR) to a junction with the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway. The village of Bleadon does exist and is situated a short distance to the south of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. Traffic on the Railway was minimal and the extension, if ever it had been built, would have carried little traffic traversing what was, and to a degree, still is a largely rural area.

Padden Flats

Padden Flats

Padden Flatts is a proto freelanced model of the Union Pacific in the state of Wyoming, specifically on the Pine Bluffs Division, which is a branch line. The west end is considered the end of a subdivision and therefore acts as the terminus for the daily PF Turn. The structures and setting supports an operating era of mid-late 1960's. This is when grain handling systems were changing and large concrete storage silos were changing the landscape of the grain belt. Out of the need to handle bulk grain shipments, the covered hopper was born.


Mulldale is a 7mm (1:43) scale industrial scene incorporating 16.5mm track (2 6" narrow gauge) set somewhere in Northern England in the late 50's early 60's.
The railway serves to move raw materials/goods around the site for the Mulldale Brewery and Mulldale Castings & Engineering Co. and other small businesses set betwixt a canal and high-level main line viaduct.

Wagon Lane Sidings

Wagon Lane Sidings

Wagon Lane Sidings is a simple Inglenook design with a run round loop and reverse siding. It was built as a first 'proper' layout to test model building, woodwork and electrical wiring skills. The layout is designed to be run from the 1960s to the 1990s. Locomotives, stock and vehicles are adjusted for each period.


  If you have any questions about modelling why not come along and ask one of our demonstrators.
We hope to have the following topics covered but our team will also be happy to answer any of your modelling questions.
  • Ballasting Demo and DCC test track
  • Card Buildings construction
  • Locomotive repairs (provisional)
  TRADERS Confirmed as of August 2019
  • 12 Volts DC - Model railway electrical components.
  • Grange & Hodder Ltd - Lightweight, precision laser cut plywood baseboards.
  • Hobbyrail - Sutton Coldfield - DCC demonstration and sales stand.
  • Ian's Trains - Pre-owned models.
  • John Sutton Books and Models - New and used narrow gauge books.
  • Squires Model and Craft Tools - Specialised miniature hand and power tools.
  • Double O Scenics - Model scenery supplier & static grass demonstration.
  • SCRS Club Stand
  • One Man's Hobby - Hobby reflections from an SCRS club member
  • Audio Visual and Slide Presentations from Robin Mathams and Derek Haywood
  • SCRS Photographic display
  • Sutton Coldfield Model Makers display
  • 7mm Narrow Gauge Association West Midlands Group
  • Amerton Railway display
  • Tallylyn Narrow-Gauge Steam Railway
  • Warley MRC information stand


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